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ABOUT GABRIELGabriel Lacerda is a Master Coach in Leadership & Communication who graduated from the Institut de Coaching (IDC Institute) in Geneva - Switzerland, and a member of the Sociedade Brasileira de Coaching in São Paulo - Brazil. Its mission is to support people's transition process to create better conditions at work and in life, transforming their dreams into goals and their goals into results always focused on the main objective of every human being: to be happy.

With a background in telecommunications engineering and an MBA in project management, he has worked for over a decade in the corporate world on large projects, leading people and teams.

As a coach, he helps his clients achieve their personal and professional goals. Leadership, productivity, purpose, and career transitions are some of the pillars in the professional journey.  A lover of personal development and the study of happiness, he focuses all his studies on tools, techniques, and strategies for the development of human beings in his personal and professional life, through a change of mindset, maintaining a more positive attitude, and, consequently, a life happier.
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WHAT DOES A COACH MAKE AND WHAT IS COACHING?Coach is a professional trained to make substantially increase the chances of people to achieve what they want for their lives in several fields such as professional careers, public careers, relationship, business, entrepreneurship, weight loss and many others.

Coaching is a methodology that uses tools with scientific validation to help the client in 4 fields: Focus, Action, Result and Continuous Improvement.

In practice, coach and coachee (client) make individual and weekly meetings, where the coach uses tools, does practical exercises, so that the person himself can find out his best answers to make the best decisions and to achieve the best results.
"Gabriel is a human being in extinction. He does good for anyone, without distinction, without ulterior motives. He spreads positivity wherever he goes. He has a fantastic perception of people's needs and motivations and about coexistence in the most diverse environments. Professionally, it has a differentiated and modern approach to coaching. Gabriel can be expected to be extremely willing and sincerely happy to help each one of us to develop, in favor of his unique and noble life mission: to promote a better world."

Marcelo Sartori (São Paulo - Brazil)

"Coaching completely changed my life! I got to know myself better and identify many aspects of my life and personality. As a result, I learned to live well with myself, reach my goals, and pursue what I love. My advice to the world after finishing this process, those who find themselves dissatisfied with some aspect of life, try to invest more time to realize exactly where they want to go."

Luiza Vianna (Gold Coast - Australia)

"Coaching was undoubtedly essential not only to reach my goal but also to get to know my talents, values, mission and make me much more confident and motivated. I recommend it because I think everyone should go through a self-assessment process. It's like a process that puts you on track for your goal. It's exciting to know where you intend to go, how to get there, plan and learn about tools that can be important in any situation. Thank you!"

Renata Salerno (Lausanne - Switzerland)

"If it weren't for coaching, I wouldn't take my goal so seriously, and I wouldn't be able to achieve it. Organization! Guidance! Guide! Thank you for the chance, Gabriel!"

Naoe Asso (Lausanne - Switzerland)

"The whole process was fundamental to me. It brought clarity and confidence to my life, it helped me a lot, and it can help many people. Thank you!"

Igor Diniz (Belo Horizonte - Brazil)

"Thank you so much! Our coaching sessions were amazing! I miss them. They made me look and think things on the positive side."

Denise Nogueira (Lausanne - Switzerland)

"The decision to undertake coaching sessions with Gabriel was a very good one. Gabriel clearly loves being a coach and his enthusiasm for the process, and for life in general, is infectious! Coaching is a vocation for Gabriel, and what made the process so effective was his sincerity and belief in everything he teaches. It is inspiring to work with someone who cares so deeply about what they do. I would recommend these sessions to everyone and wish Gabriel the very best in his future coaching career!"

Claire Griffen (Dublin - Ireland)


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